Emergency Service Delivery

KFR provides first response EMS with a combination of first responders, EMT-Bs and AEMTs, utilizing a Ford Excursion for first response. The Town’s emergency medical needs are currently being met by Regional Ambulance Service, Inc. -- an ambulance service based in Rutland that provides both basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) transport. The regional hospital is also located in Rutland. KFR augments the emergency response for medical calls by responding with first responders to the call. The Department currently utilizes a Ford Excursion equipped with basic emergency medical equipment, automated defibrillator, oxygen delivery apparatus and ALS intervention equipment such as intravenous equipment for establishment of IV’s for medication.

Historically, this rescue does respond with at least one EMT and often AEMTs who are members of the Department and some who coincidentely work for an Ambulance Service. The ambulance service is funded through an agreement with Killington and other towns, based on a per capita basis, a membership offered to residents served, and direct  billing to patient’s insurance companies.

Medical emergencies that occur on the ski resort properties are typically responded to by the Ski Patrol as first  responders, with ambulance transportation provided in the same manner as the remainder of the Town. Exceptions to this might include missing persons, multiple casualties, entrapments or other rescue situation where additional personnel or specialized equipment carried by the Fire Department might be necessary.

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