Sherburne Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., dba Killington Fire & Rescue has been proudly serving the community of Killington VT. since 1955.

The Town of Killington currently contracts with Killington Fire and Rescue (KFR), for the delivery of fire and emergency medical first response services within the Town.  The contract is renewed periodically by the two parties. There is no automatic renewal process noted in the contract, and the current term is for three years.

The Town of Killington is largely rural. The delivery of services in the community using volunteers is complicated by the presence of a large seasonal ski resort and the resulting significant population increase. Killington is unique in that while it is a rural community, it is host to one of the largest ski resorts in the northeastern United States. This has resulted in an explosive growth of condominiums, hotels, lodges, restaurants and entertainment facilities, a considerable amount of which are unoccupied for the non-winter months. A number of unique challenges face Killington Fire and Rescue in dealing with these developments, including the following:
• Many of the residences are condominium complexes, placed in the woods and some distance from main roads – a not uncommon challenge for Vermont fire departments.
• These units are often occupied during the winter season by either partial owners (time share) or renters.
• When an incident occurs, and aid is summoned from the fire department, it is not uncommon that the residents do not have clear knowledge of their exact location or address.
• Water is provided by a combination of private water systems, located in the new condominium complexes, dry hydrants and tanker shuttles. While the town has a permanent population of approximately 1,500 residents, they can host up to 25,000 residents, guests and seasonal workers during the ski season.

Killington Fire and Rescue , a volunteer, not-for-profit, delivers services to the Town of Killington under contract.
Fire and EMS first responder services in the Town of Killington are provided by Killington Fire and Rescue (KFR). While the Town provides funding for the Fire Department and provides all handling of accounts and payments through a voucher system, KFR and its volunteers are a private non-profit organization.

Killington Fire wishes to remind everyone that as the days get longer and you start to think about cleaning up your yard, you will need a permit to burn material. Call the Fire Warden, Tom Rock, at (802) 770-4022 twenty four hours before you want to burn.

Also before you start your grill make sure it is cleaned out.

Thank you for being SAFE.

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